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Domotics, for less Drama with house work

Clever automation for home

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Hard to believe, easy to use, difficult to do without

Sensible automation for corporate

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Corporate buildings with sensible power savers

Your life, made simple

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Complete control comes with a touch of your finger

Automation technology comes with the wish fulfilling factory where your mere presence can initiate air conditioning


A powerful tool that enables our clients to control their electronic devices for the right sustainability measure

Real-Time Monitoring

Our surveillance control camera helps roll back in time in a matter of minutes for visual indication

Temperature Control

Keeping the room temperature as the basic index, it shows the related climatic measures

Energy Control

This enables the client to control the lightings and building's energy consumption rate

Do you know the definition of building automation?

It is SMART 2020

SMART 2020

SMART 2020 is the brainchild of DOMOTO Company and it aims at simplifying your life, be it at home or at work. Energy saving has never been this easier to manage from a remote place with your mobile phone. Sounds something right out of a sci-fi movie, does it not? It is for real.

  • SMART 2020 for Homes

  • SMART 2020 for Corporate

  • SMART 2020 Automation

We have brought together the best of our works

Domoto is desirable

Why our clients prefer us and what are our niche areas

Easy Amalgamation

Our products integrate easily with existing infrastructure and blend in without disturbing any existing functions


Our products are designed to fit every size of building and enterprise. Our product cost sheet has a detailed split up


We have implemented the industry’s leading security techniques that is very hard to pass through without high level authentication